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Appin Hall Children’s Foundation has relocated its core business [as a Service Provider] to Victoria, to set-up a central location to best serve children and families Australia-wide. With the evidence of harmful frequencies being omitted by Telecommunications towers, a decision was made to move to a new location whereby electronic devices can no longer be invasive. We had searched for a new property in Tasmania (Cradle Mt + Huonville) but to no avail - finally turning our attention to the high-country of Victoria.

Gippsland …

We are inspired by the welcome received in Gippsland from various sectors of the community: council, local business, business associates, general public, community centres etc - and humbled by the many people offering to help re-build the new Appin Hall vision as soon as possible. We are exceedingly grateful to all our supporters and donors who recognise and understand the importance of this transition which has since turned its focus toward increased accommodation by way of creating a better future for those children suffering illness and disadvantage.

Good governance …

Appin Hall’s Board of Directors are developing a coherent economic Business Plan to expand the breadth of the company’s purpose and objectives. The newly formed Board meets regularly to ensure a high standard of good governance, creative ideas and a hands-on approach to be responsive to families under pressure and a system in overload in a fast changing world. We aim to be reliable and sensitive to individual client circumstances. We are genuinely excited about the Way in which ’Appin Hall Youth Retreat’ will stand-up to begin construction and formally deliver its pledge in time. Our objective is to always keep our eye on the children - in this way acknowledging their inherent wish for recognition, adventure and a healthy and fulfilling life.

Opening the respite centre to the community

The first families or Young Carers group will be Tasmanian based as we endeavour to continue the assistance and healing bought about by offering disadvantaged children respite in a new landscape. Once again, Appin Hall will start with small steps to ensure an effective delivery for families needing our help. A sizeable Hamlet/Village, outbuildings and roadworks will enable the Foundation to begin operations while the larger complex and self-sustainable gardens are set-up. In time, the prime focus will comprise activities such as horse riding, canoeing,  skiing, fishing, nature trail experiences. We will also encourage the preserving of fruits and vegetables from our organic gardens. Appin Hall’s primary focus has always been on the overall comfort for children and their families intrinsically tied to a diverse range of difficult circumstances associated with disadvantage and serious illness.

Within our yearly calendar, we have managed to invite large Camps which have included Family Based Care, Young Carers Camps, CanTeen, Centacare, Teenage Parents Camp, Community Based Care, Grandpower, public and private School Camps, Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre excursions along with a series of special Youth Justice skills programs. When a family is confronted with the debilitating reality of a child’s ill-health, their world is turned upside down as they adjust to the pressures of home-care duties, medical and hospital costs, pending treatment results, sibling needs, disruptions to schooling and family routines - along with doing all they can to keep the family connected. Appin Hall offers hope in the form of a 3 to 7 day cost free retreat where the whole family can re-group and re access their options in order to move forward with new life. The little we have been able to offer goes along way in helping families get back on their feet. Our program offers recurring invitations.

Young carers are not always known or recognised within our communities because of the nature of the work they are expected to do in looking after siblings or family members who require constant support. Many of these young people, aged 8 to 24, spend a great deal of their personal time caring for a family member whilst at the same time going to school or holding down a part-time job to contribute financially.

As a result of our service modules and schedules, Appin Hall has had the opportunity and privilege of getting to know many young folk very well during their visits. They often write to us to share their stories of how much their visit to Appin Hall has influenced their young lives. Our experienced staff have not only developed friendships of a temporary nature and expanded an essential reach into the community - but inadvertently witnessed enormous change in the children who have come into our care – especially when they tell us that coming to Appin Hall is like coming Home!

A professional and empathetic team is required to fit the direction and implementation of the day-to-day operations. This will include project management, operations staff, volunteers, community awareness and involvement, fundraising opportunities, tradespersons and suppliers - and a government that seeks to genuinely help and underpin the livelihood of families who so desperately need our support.

“You never change things by fighting the existing Reality.

To change something, build a new model

that makes the existing model obsolete”

                                           - Buckminster Fuller                    

It comes down to a personal conscious choice to put your hand up to help young people across our nation. So how would you like to help?

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