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Appin Hall - Mid-Year Newsletter 2018

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Dear Friends of Appin Hall, we are seeking your support to help establish the Foundation’s presence in Gippsland by way of building the new facility/healing centre for disadvantaged children and their families in the high country north of Traralgon. Preparation is underway to identify various components of children’s needs, community awareness, health organisations, government and Councils across the region.

The ‘Hub’ we develop will offer a well-appointed purpose driven amenity, capable of accommodating large numbers of children and designed to serve other benevolent organisations. Positioned within nature and a wonderful environment, the programs we offer will stimulate children’s imagination, curiosity and sense of adventure - a unique and romantic timeless attraction for children Australia-wide.

We require funding for the building development program. Discussions are underway with local contractors including a Rammed Earth system specialist in regard to building Stage 1: village complex, out-buildings,
tennis court and caretaker’s cottage. Stage 2: castle structure and car park.  We aim to open our doors to families as soon as can be managed.

Appin Hall children

Appin Hall Children’s Foundation will be an exciting stand-alone facility to inspire youth by way of school camps, nature excursions, horse-riding, Indigenous studies, skiing, short-term accommodation, agricultural education, old-fashioned home-skills to keep the magic and adventure alive in each young person’s life. We must do this together, because no one can get there alone … From the Board of Appin Hall

Appin Hall a place of piece healing and harmony

We thank In2Project Management who continue to be a vital source of support and encouragement to Appin Hall.

Appin Hall Children's Foundation is a voluntary organisation which can only survive with very important and well appreciated donations.  Please donate to Appin Hall and make a difference in a little one's life who needs it in difficult physical and emotional times for the whole family.


Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Ronnie and Maggie Burns (founders of Appin Hall)

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